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Curious Beer Club isn't tailoring.

We do not need to know what beer you love. We won't ship you more of what you routinely buy.
This isn't a cruise.




the voyage


Our purpose is to amaze and challenge; navigate each member, in taste and print, to the far reaches of this rapidly evolving brewing world - in real time.


We seek the new, novel, boundary-pushing, alternative, revered.


We'll take risks (let's be honest, it's only a beer); to expand our horizons.


For us, mystery and discovery enrich life. So we let the experts plot the course... and buckle up to enjoy the voyage.


 This ship is sailing into the unknown.

Hop aboard!

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how it works

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Approximately every six weeks Original Gravity introduces up to 100 of the world's best and most adventurous beers. 

Writers and experts select the cream of this bounty and we ship them (6, 12 or 24) with a copy of the same edition. More info.

So you can read about them as you drink each one.

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